Matt's review of the year!

Happy New Year!

I know that everyone says it but I can't believe that its been a whole year! In terms of animation this time last year i was young and vulnerable but now I've blossomed into some kind of animating god! (just kidding).

At the start of the year I was working on my minor project along side a pilot project for the BBC. At the time I thought that since I was working so hard the films must be good but looking back I find the BBC project at least very dull to watch and I can see why they didn't pick it to go on their website. The minor film was a bit better but I'm still not happy with it although I've learned from the experience and will make sure I don't repeat the same mistakes.

My plan when I graduate is to ultimately find a job in the UK animation industry and I thought that the key to getting a job in 2010 was the work experience I did in 2009. Therefore I tried over the summer to get as much experience as I could doing whatever I could. I started by going to see Tim Searle from Triffic Films and Baby Cow Productions in my home town of Milton Keynes. Tim was great and although wasn't able to offer me any work did give me a lot of time. I then went onto the National Film and TV school where I stayed on and off till October and once again a big thanks to everyone there! I also spent two weeks at Espresso Animations in London which is a really fantastic little studio which does mainly traditional commercial work. The director there Phil was the first person who really taught me to animate professionally and I even got to do some inbertweening on a Tony the Tiger advert. Finally from the advice of people at Espresso I went on to do a week at Uli Meyer studios in Camden which is a similar studio but is bigger and does more CG work. Once again everyone there was really helpful and I got to practice my animating on a Cookie Crisp advert.

So with work experience over I've spent the last months of the year developing my graduation film which I have found quite difficult. I find coming up with a 2 minute narrative a bit daunting but 8 drafts on I've finally found something I'm happy with. I got some help and advice along the way from not just my tutors but experts like editor Tony Fish and sand animator Caroline Leaf. Now I'm just looking forward to production which will start on Monday 4th January and go on until the beginning of May.

This time next year I would ideally like to be working in a studio somewhere in whatever fashion or freelancing. The worst case scenario would involve me working at ANOTHER call center but its best not to think about such things!

Bring on 2010!

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