Test Clips

The hoarder test clip from matt waruszynski on Vimeo.

The hoarder test clip 2 from matt waruszynski on Vimeo.

Since the plot of my grad film is pretty much finished I've been tinkering with the "look". I really want it to look like an actual professional film and to get away from the idea of making a student film. I am going to be hand drawing all the animation and I have worked out that in order to get the film finished for its May deadline I've got to animate around 5 to 10 seconds a week. However I know that I'll get the timing wrong and end up having to do 5 to 10 seconds a day!

Anyway above are two test clips I've been working on. They are just boils but I did them just to give me an idea of what its going to look like. I can't choose between them so if anyone has any preferences please let me know.

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  1. I think I prefer the cleaness of test clip 2 but the orange colour in test clip 1.

    H's 2pence.