Tony Fish

Long time no post for me but I havn't had much to report really. However I've met up with the great editor Tony Fish afew times over the last couple of weeks to get advice about my grad film. He's a really great guy and has given me alot of helpful comments which I would'nt I noticed own my own. For instance I have a tendancy to have the camera positioned to close to the action so that its a bit confusing unless you already know whats going on before. That all been solved now thanks to Tony!

On another note I had to make a presentation to the rest of my course this week about the work experience I did over the summer. To make sure no one got bored staring at my face I made some images of my work experience to have in the backgrounds. The images are the following:

1. general work experience
2. Me talking to Tim Searle at Triffic
3. Playing Ping Pong at the NFTS
4. Me looking at my handywork at Espresso Animations

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