Production Continues

Busy, busy, busy! Deadlines are looming and the panic is beginning to set in. With the end in sight production of my grad film is in full swing and its a race to get it finished for the end of May deadline! I am however not alone as I have enlisted the help of a sound designer and also an assistant from the 1st year of my course at Westminster who has been helping me with some of the backgrounds. A extra special mention has to go out to my girlfriend Amy who has been relentlessly cleaning up, colouring in and cutting out my animation and to whom I'm hugely grateful!

Because I don't really want to put too much of my work online yet here's of a few pics of my studio aka my flat where the magic happens. Almost all my equipment is from the wonderful land of ebay such as the lightbox which I picked up for £40!

On another note I may well be back at the NFTS this summer after I graduate. Watch this space...

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