Long time no post but I think I've had justification! I finally finished my grad film, horay!!

The last month has been both the worst and the best for me. One the one hand its been great because the compositing (putting all the animation, backgrounds, camera movements etc.) is really fun as you finally get to see all your hard work come togeher.  Also the addition of the floey and music just adds soo much to the finished piece.

However its also been horrible and not something I want to repeat for a while. The push for the deadline has been intence and has caused me to be very stressed and very very tired with the added joy of RSI thrown in for good measure! But throughout I wanted to look back with a sence of achievement rather than a sence of what could have been.

Since I've finished I've spent alot of time sleeping and not much else. I have put a few business cards together so I can get on with some serious networking!!!

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  1. Congrats Matt!

    Looking forward to seeing how it turned out :)