Barbican Animation Screenings

I'm pleased to announce that my graduation film Refrigeration has been picked as a winner of the Barbican and Ideastap Animate Competition! This means that it will be screened at the Barbican Cinema in London before new releases throughout the summer and at a special event at the Barbican Art Gallery in September.

So a massive thanks to all the judges who picked "Refrigeration" and also thanks to their kind words:

Well designed and animated with a strong sense of atmosphere, a very accomplished piece with a wonderful sense of characterisation.’ – Mike Please

‘This short is beautifully realised, and has a very appealing dark humour to it which isn’t overplayed or overdone – I enjoyed the unusual angles and facial expressions, and found it very reminiscent of ‘Belleville Rendezvous’.’ – Olivia Humphreys

‘Great fun with a striking sense of layout and visual composition. Horror as a genre, though familiar in Japanese anime, does not appear frequently enough in UK animation, and I loved the idea of the burly delivery driver being taken on by the old woman who refuses to let him take back the fridge.  Not for the first time she hangs up the driver’s jacket as a trophy.  Stunning camera angles and sense of perspective – the high shots looking down are excellent. Reminded me of Svankmajer. Clever.’ – Robert Rider

I didn't need to include them I know but it seemed a shame not to get a little ego boost! All the details of the screenings be found on the Barbican Website along with their season of Animation throughout the summer. So check it out:!

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