Flip Festival

Had an excellent time at Flip Festival this year! Not only did they screen Refrigeration and my Flippin' Sting, but I had my showreel reviewed in front of a panel of the following industry guests:
  • Mick Foley (Freelance Producer, Sumo Dojo)
  • Barry Purves (Stop Motion Animator / Director)
  • Glen Holberton (Executive Producer, Loose Moose Productions)
  • Neil Hall (Character Animator, Frontier Games) 
Gotta say they were actually really positve and gave some good advice about the industry although I was all geared up for a kicking since I know these reviews have been really harsh in the past. But there was plenty for me to take away.

 Also got to attend a masterclass and meet the great, independant animator Bill Plympton. Before the festival I'm ashamed to say I knew very little (well nothing) of Bill's work, but I now can't believe his work passed me by for so long!

 He animates all his work himself (including several feature films), has been nominated for several Oscar's as well completly independant. Pretty impressive stuff and his short The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger was just amazing and he drew me a little sketch. Great Guy!

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