Still Life - Painting Inspired by Van Gogh

It was another Monday at the Art Academy for me and another chance to learn about Still Life.  This week we were challenged to create a painting based on a famous still life.  This got my brain thinking.  Since starting this module, I've grown to love the famous Baroque paintings, particularly this one from 1653 by Willem Kalf - Still Life with Drinking Horn.

I considered taking elements from this, but given the time limit of having only a day to achieve a complete painting I decided to look elsewhere.  Instead I took a look through some of the work of Van Gogh and his painting of 'A Pair of Leather Clogs' seemed to tick all the boxes for me.  It is simple, achievable in the given time frame, items easily found around the house and looks great.

I decided to paint my wedding shoes, as they vaguely resembled the shape of Van Gogh's and I chose to avoid painting in his style and stick to my own.  Here are the results:

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