Printmaking Workshop @ The Art Academy, London-

This weekend I attended a printmaking workshop at The Art Academy where I usually study painting.  I'd never tried printing properly before and it was a great experience learning the new techniques.

Saturday- We were taught how to lino-cut to create images with three tones.  It surprised me (although now it seems really obvious) what a destructive process it is.  I hadn't previously realised that the same piece of lino was used for each new element of the print, therefore making the final piece of lino useless for reprinting.

Anyway here are my efforts from Saturday:

Sunday - We were learning how to etch into zinc plates.  This I found really tricky as there were something like 14 different stages.  But I got there in the end and I'm pretty happy with the results.  It's a view of St George's Church in London.

Let me know which of my efforts you prefer.

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