I was off galavanting again at the weekend.  This time the wife and I went camping in Overstrand, a village just next to Cromer on the Norfolk coast (UK).  We were lucky again with the weather...sunny all day Saturday, Sunday was fine until the evening (when we ate dinner in the car) and it rained Monday on our way home after we had fish and chips on Cromer pier.  All in all it was a typically British summer holiday.

As the sun did show itself, there was plenty of time to get some drawing done.  Here are a few of my sketches:

Our tent was pitched in a little campsite on the top of a cliff overlooking Overstrand beach.

You could follow the Norfolk coastal walk from the campsite and about 10-15mins along the path we spotted this lighthouse.

We spent some time sunning it on the beach.  It was a bit pebbly in places, although mainly sand.  The water was FREEZING!!!  In the distance you can see Cromer pier.

A tent set up on the beach with a seagull watching the tides.

Looking the opposite way on the beach, away from Cromer.  We were surprised at how rugged the cliff was.

A pen drawing of Cliff Road in Overstrand.

Cromer is famous for its lobster and crab.  In Overstrand there was this little fish shop that sold fresh dressed lobster and crab.  Outside were the cages and the little boat for fishing for them.  I loved the tractor it was attached to.

All in all, another fun weekend.  I did do a little plein air painting on the beach too...stay tuned for that post.

Let me know what you think of my sketches or take a look at some more like those from my visit to Canterbury or  check out some of my life drawing.

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