Portrait of Peter - 16.1.16

I've been back at The Art Academy, London for a couple of weeks now.  This term I actually decided to take 2 modules simultaneously.  On a Saturday I'm studying portraiture (tutor is currently Anastasia Pollard) and on a Monday I'm studying creative painting (with a whole host of different tutors).

It's been brilliant decision so far to up my art study, I feel like I'm getting lots out of it, particularly as the modules I'm taking differ so much from each other.  My knowledge of art and my skill development has already improved, whether that's just confidence or not is for other people to judge.

Back to portraiture then.

For the last 2 sessions we have been painting a portrait of Peter.  He has such an interesting face and struck such a dramatic pose.  After session one, this was my progress:

I had completed the basic drawing and mapped out the shadows ready to concentrate on the detail in the following session.  I took photos of my progress throughout session 2:

Finally here is the finished work: 

I'm actually very proud of this painting.  The skin tones are some of the best I have achieved to date and I think this is to do with the approach Anastasia demonstrated.  I have previously mixed tones prior to painting, whereas during this portrait we mixed with a brush as we went.  This I think, freed me up and allowed me to correct what I saw rather than just sticking with what was already on my palette.  I definitely think I will take a similar approach again or at the very least a combination of prior mixing and brush mixing. 

Let me know what you think and how you approach your colour mixing in the comments below.

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