'Sarah' - A Three Week Portrait Study

The last 3 Saturdays I have continued my portraiture course at The Art Academy, London with Anastasia Pollard as my tutor.

I was challenged with painting a portrait of Sarah in a completely different way to what I'm used to.  Usually my painting style is very quick and I complete my work in just a few hours.  Over these 3 sessions, instead I was encouraged to continue to develop the same portrait.  Here is my progress across the 3 weeks.

Week 1 - Initial sketch and laying down of tones.

Week 2 - Blocking out of the larger tonal plains.  Usually this is where I would stop. 

Week 3 - This week was spent blending the tones and adding the more subtle shades to create a more naturalistic result.  Rather than adding extra detail, I found it useful to think of the extra time working on the painting as a chance to refine, improve and correct what I had already completed.  

Let me know what you think of this work in the columns below.  I've really enjoyed the progress I've made on this course with Anastasia - take a look at more work that I completed under her tuition here and here

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